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YOUTH ministrY

Building relationships through the love of Jesus.

welcome to f.l.o.a.t.

Our youth ministry at The River is about building relationships.


We're continually encouraged by the positive relationships that are formed at F.L.O.A.T. and the openness of these teens to receive anybody new that comes in! It's just a very comfortable easy setting for anyone to be part of.


JOIN F.L.O.A.T. every Tuesday night for fun, including games, snacks, and special events. 


 Lori Crites, along with her husband, Nik,  invite you to come along and engage in discussions on topics that pertain to our next generation, and offer Biblical answers, and teachings, full of the love and grace of Jesus.  



All teens from 13-18 are encouraged to attend. 


F.L.O.A.T. meets Tuesday nights at 6:45pm

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