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"MAN UP" is a weekend men's camp open to any men that want to come, and also their sons, ages 7 and up!

We are going to experience a time of fun, fellowship, building relationships, and most important, the moving of the Holy Spirit. 

Generations of men have a lot of conditioned pre-conceived notions about what real manliness is; being “tough” (sometimes hard hearted), always having the answer, being able to handle whatever comes, never vulnerable, weak, and definitely don’t cry. 

But is any of this our value as a man? Are these the things that build our families, encourage our wives, and raise healthy children? Are these what makes us productive in our lives? Are we missing the real “goods” by ACTING how we think we’re “supposed” to?

We will have worship services, teaching sessions, fireside fellowship, and lots of fun activities for you to choose from:

*Fire building 
*Nature Center 
*Rope Making
*Rope Making
*Fishing and more
Did I mention I’ll be performing some of my magic tricks as well?

$100 per person covers all of this for the entire weekend. The registration cost covers LODGING, MEALS, ACTIVITIES, VENUE RENTALS FOR WORKSHOPS, TRAINING AND SAFETY STAFF. 

None of this registration goes to The River Worship Centre. It is goes entire to Camp Lakewood for the grounds, meals, and services provided.


Click below for your "Man Up" Camp Registration form & Informational Packet

Print off and fill out your form and mail to:

P.O. Box 602

Park Hills, MO 63601

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